Pedal For Project Impact, Day 4

It was a cloudy, cool morning. Streets were drying off after an earlier rain and it looked as though it might rain again any time.

Never the less, the stalwart cyclists of Pedal for Project Impact decided to ride as much as they could.

Bob reserved hotel rooms in Bemidji for two days with the plan that we could either rest or bike to Itasca State Park or around Lake Bemidji or do what Gary did.

Here come Daven, Bob and Tom headed in the opposite direction.

He took a wrong turn.

He ended up a few miles west of Bemidji, then found his way back to town and rode the Paul Bunyan Trail to Walker and back.

Bob, Daven and Tom rode around Lake Bemidji. I was going to stay at the hotel and read or sleep.

Then I decided to take a chance on the weather and to ride around the lake too.

I got lost.

True to the name Gary, I rode more than three miles and realized I was a couple blocks from where I started, the hotel.

Using the GPS on my phone, I found Lake Bemidji and was a third of the way around it when I encountered Bob and Daven and Tom.

Even though the day was dreary, it was still beautiful on the trail through Lake Bemidji State Park.

They were headed in the opposite direction.

Undaunted by my limited navigational skills, I continued on my route around the lake.

I pedaled through Lake Bemidji State Park and took the Paul Bunyan Trail back into Bemidji.

That route passes through some truly green and lush scenery that I enjoy every time I ride it — no matter the direction.

When I returned to the hotel, I found out that Gary was still on the trail and Bob decided to go around the lake again.