Can You Help?

What follows is a note from Christine Hilbert, the founder and leader of Bikes 4 Kids. The Willmar-area group collects, refurbishes and gives away bicycles.

Your help is needed.
Yesterday I checked in with Jim Bode at the Northside Park bike shed.  He and Bonnie Pehrson were moving out all the bikes on the south side of the shed.  They swept the floor and sorted bikes, then brought them back into the shed.  Two Middle School boys helped for about 30 minutes.
Jim has 9 girl bikes and 4 boy bikes ready to go.  We have 2 girls and 23 boys waiting for bikes since last year.
Help is needed to get more boy bikes ready for the May 20th bike giveaway event.
Jim is at the bike shed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:15 until 7:00.  If you have time, your help is needed now to:
–  Move out and sort bikes on the south side of shed

– Engrave identifying numbers on bikes
– Pressure wash bikes
– Repair bikes
Hoping you can help –

Child Guide Program Coordinator
Willmar Public School Dist. #347
Community Education and Recreation Dept.
1234 Kandiyohi Ave SW
Willmar, MN  56201