Planning Pedal For Project Impact 2014

In 2012, Pedal for Project Impact included a family ride as well as a 40-mile and 60-mile rides.

Bob Hines and I spent some time brainstorming (with the two of us combining what gray matter we have left, it was more like a light drizzle than a storm) about next year’s Pedal for Project Impact. PPI has been different each year that it’s been held, which gives us some flexibility — and several questions.

That’s why we decided asking questions might be the best means to decide what direction we want to head with the coming year’s event. The questions that follow are just what we could come up in about an hour and are by no means the only or the best to be considered as we plan next year’s ride.

Here are the questions we thought of:

What type of ride do we want to hold in 2014? Should it be a family ride on the Glacial Lakes Trail? A 40 and/or 60 mile ride? A multi-day ride? Some other type of event? Given that 13 riders participated in the longer rides we held in 2012, is such a ride worth the effort of setting up signs and marking routes?

In 2013, Bob Hines and I did a two-man, 500-mile ride under the PPI label.

Should we stage just one of these types of rides or a combination? If we want a combination, which types of rides should we hold? If we hold a combinations of ride types, should they be held at the same time and begin at the same place or should they separate?

Would the combination of a family ride and multi-day ride be best? If so, would it be best to start the two rides at the same time at, possibly, the Glacial Lakes Trail head in Willmar?

If we want to hold a multi-day ride, whether in conjunction with another type of ride or not, could more people be recruited to ride in 2014? Could we add two to eight additional riders? In 2013, Bob and I rode more than 500 miles in seven days. Would a ride taking less time and cover less distance attract more riders? Maybe five days and 350-400 miles? Maybe two to three days? Might we offer a couple versions? What route would we ride? Would it be a shortened version of what we rode in 2013, or something different? Maybe to Fergus Falls? Would such a ride be supported or self-supported?

As I’ve stated at the beginning, these are just the questions that Bob and I could think of during a brief meeting. We understand that they may be entirely the wrong questions.

We’d appreciate any input you might have as well as any help you might be able to offer as a rider or volunteer. If you’re interested, let us know.