By the time we reached Walker, we were wet and tired.

June 5, 2013

Route: Park Rapids to Walker, Minnesota, and back on Heartland and Paul Bunyan state trails

Distance: 57.85 miles

Time: 4 hours, 57 minutes

Average speed: 11.57 mph

I reported last night that we didn’t care if we rode or not today.

This morning Bob cared.

It was still cold with drizzle to light rain as we had breakfast, pretty much like Tuesday. But Bob’s the kind of guy who likes to be doing something. He was OK as we ate and he read a newspaper, but warned me that he’d be getting antsy by noon if we didn’t do something.

So we got on our bikes took off for Walker.

How heavily it rained varied only slightly during our ride. It didn’t seem too intense, but, combined with the low temperature and a wind that was light but coming straight at us, wore us slowly down.

Not thrilled to be riding in the rain for the second straight day, I wanted to get to Walker and head straight back to the hotel’s hot tub. Bob, however, was happy to riding and kept suggesting that we leave the trail to explore some road or another.

I encouraged him to go ahead and I’d see him back at the hotel.

By the time we reached Walker, we were in agreement: it was wet, we were cold and wanted to finish the ride as quickly as we could.

Back at the hotel, we soaked in the hot tub before washing and drying the clothes we had worn on our day’s ride.

Bob and his bike were pretty muddy by the time we returned to the hotel.

It was still cloudy when we realized we hadn’t eaten lunch and were hungry. But it had stopped raining and the hotel parking lot pavement was drying. We walked to a Mexican restaurant that was practically across the street. After a very early supper, we headed back to the hotel.

It was raining again.

The weather’s supposed to be better Thursday when we head to Bemidji.

That would be nice.