Pedal For Project Impact 2013: Day 1

Bob Hines was out ahead Monday (as he usually is) on the Glacial Lakes State as we began the first day of Pedal for Project Impact.

June 3, 2013

Route: Willmar to Long Prairie, Minnesota, on Glacial Lakes State Trail, Kandiyohi County Road 2, Minnesota 55 and U.S. 71.

Distance: 67.5 miles

Time: 5 hours, 46 minutes

Average speed: 11.68 miles an hour

Bob Hines and I began this year’s Pedal for Project Impact at the trail head at the Willmar Civic Center. Sofia, my wife, drove me and Bob pedaled there from his home, which put 5 miles on his odometer before the ride officially began.

Connie Schmoll got up early on her first day since stepping down as executive director of Safe Avenues to ride the first few miles with us. She brought her friend, Donna, I was surprised that my father, Russell (better known as Bud) was also there to see us off.

Bob is using a trailer for this year’s tour. We thought we could squeeze all of both our gear on the trailer and take turns towing it, but it couldn’t hold that much. So I’m carrying my luggage in two panniers, or saddle bags, on a rack on my bike.

Connie gave us some granola she had made and we took off.

Connie and Donna rode with us to the outskirts of Spicer. We continued on the trail, riding it for a total of 17 miles. We turned north on County Road 2 and stayed on it for 4 miles.

It was at that point that we experienced our only glitch of the day. My phone’s GPS system said we should turn right and Bob said we should go left on State 55. We went left and, about 8 miles later, came to U.S. 71, which we took to today’s destination, Long Prairie.

Tuesday we face a 70 percent chance of rain and the likelihood that U.S. 71 will be backed up by construction.


We rode past a couple of elk farms today. The elk seemed as curious about us as we were about them.

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  1. Amy Young

    Keep up the good work Dad and Gary! You are peddling for a great cause! I hope you get better weather for the rest of your trip!

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