Any Ride

I covered 13.65 miles during my ride Wednesday. About 5.25 miles were on gravel.

I was sick for a couple weeks and missed a lot of opportunities to ride outside. There were days when the weather (for Minnesota in late January) was pretty nice, but I was coughing too much or too dizzy because of whatever was sloshing around in my sinuses to consider riding outside.

Of course, there were plenty of days during the past three weeks when what little time I spent walking the dog was more than enough time outside. Some of those days were positively arctic.

The odd thing about the relative risks involved in winter cycling and winter dog walking is that I thought it would be more dangerous to be pedaling on icy, snow-covered street. While I’ve been slipping and sliding on my bike, I haven’t fallen yet.

And the nastiest injury I’ve suffered happened while I was walking the dog.

I slipped and slammed my right knee into an icy patch of sidewalk.

My knee ached, but not when I pedal. For the past few days, I’ve been riding the bike I keep mounted on a trainer in the basement. My knee feels better now, but for a while, about the only time it didn’t ache was when I was pedaling.

I was using the trainer to prepare, as I recovered from my cold, for riding outside.

I had to really push myself, but I rode outside today (Wednesday, Feb. 6) or about an hour and a half. There was a southeast wind causing a wind chill just above zero, but I wore layers of clothes so it wasn’t too bad.

It wasn’t the best ride I’ve ever had, but any ride is better than none.