A Couple Random Thoughts

Once again, I’ve neglected this blog for too long.
I apologize.
Anyway, on Sept. 11, I realized it was not only the anniversary of one of the nation’s darkest days, it had also been a year since I reset the mileage on my bike computer.
Just a couple of totally random thoughts, as my daughter often says.
The TIRI, or Touring Ride in Rural Indiana, September Escapade began Sept. 11, 2011, near Indianapolis and I reset the mileage to track how far I pedaled on the weeklong ride.
A year later, I checked the mileage. I’d ridden 5,005 miles since then.
But that wasn’t all.
I use the same computer on my road bike and mountain bike – the device is designed to track data on two different bikes – so those 5,000 miles represent most of my riding.
My old fitness or flat-bar road bike has a separate computer. I’d started using it more because it’s the same model as a bike I bought for my wife, Sofia, for Christmas and, when I ride with her, it seemed appropriate to use a comparable bike.
That led to my rediscovering what a great bike my Schwinn SuperSport really is and deciding to ride it on the multi-day tour I rode this summer, the Bon Ton Roulet.
The mileage on the Schwinn’s computer was incomplete, because its battery worn out over the winter. But since I replaced the battery this spring, I’d racked up 1,767 miles.
So the total mileage that I could verify was 6,772 miles in a year. Makes my butt sore just thinking about it.
It also makes me wonder if I’ve lost it.

I rode my road bike, a Giant Defy Alliance for most of the nearly 6,800 miles I racked up over the past year.