Cycling And Recycling

I’d like to begin this post by lodging a formal complaint. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
Could we please have more than a day or two of decent weather at a time?
And what about weekends?
It’s been a month or two at least since we’ve had a Saturday and a Sunday together that were both hospitable to people who enjoy outdoor activities. While there wasn’t any rain last weekend, it was hot and windy – a combination that can really screw up someone who isn’t careful as they work or work out in that kind of weather.
This morning it rained.
Not a down pour or deluge, just enough to keep anyone who didn’t have to be outside on the inside.
I’ve ridden my bicycle in the rain – when I’ve had to. Usually that happens when I’m riding in an organized ride and I’m out on the route and pedaling is my only option.
Which brings me to one of my points, Saturday is when the second annual Pedal for Project Impact is slated to happen. It’s also the only day of the weekend with a 60 percent chance of rain, according to the Weather Channel.
None predicted for Friday and none on Sunday, but a two out of three chance on Saturday.
So that’s why I’m griping to Mother Nature.
Maybe I should plea instead: Please don’t make it rain Saturday.

Just hoarding a little.

I have to admit, one good thing did come out of this morning’s rain. I finally started cleaning out the spare bedroom in the basement where I keep my bikes.
For months – maybe years – I’ve just put small boxes for inner tubes, the granola bars I take along on rides and other small items in a plastic bag in the corner of the room. It was overflowing, but I just told myself, “I’ll get that ready for next week’s recycling.”
Well, tomorrow’s recycling and I finally did it.
I nearly filled one of those big, black leaf bags and that’s after I unfolded and flattened all the boxes.
Now that all those boxes are taken care of, what should I do with all those old inner tubes?
Guess I’ll just have to wait for another rainy day.

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